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And you know that if you could just figure out WHAT to sell and HOW to sell it, that the SKY WOULD BE THE LIMIT FOR HOW MUCH YOU COULD EARN...

...and that $1 passive digital product could become a $10 one, then $100, then $1,000, WOO-HOO! – if only you could get STARTED! 

But you’re not a ‘techy person’ nor do you have a lot of time to figure out all the software out… 

Like what software do you even use? 

What’s good? What’s cheap to start with?

And what’s not going to be confusing and overwhelming for a total noob to all this online stuff?? 


And you don't know WHERE to start...

You wish someone could just give you a great idea for what to sell...

Maybe even walk you through the whole set-up of how to sell it...

And make it SO easy you could do it 3 wines in! (Not that you work that way, ahem - but wouldn’t that be FUN if it were THAT simple?!) 🍷🍷🍷

Whatever it takes, you want to start selling digital products because you crave the FREEDOM you know that they can give you. Less time-limited hourly-based services or paid wages, more PASSIVE income!

You want to carve your own piece out of the $950 BILLION-dollar booming e-commerce market and you want to start making money while you SLEEP…💤

Or while you watch The Witcher for the third time… 

Or while you make jar terrariums…

You know that if you can just get the first product up, you could potentially get heaps more up

And one day maybe you could quit your job! Or let go of all your clients! Maybe you could even go nomadic and work from anywhere in the world! ✈️


If only you could  just.  get.  started.

But if You're Going To Build It, Build It To Work For YOU!

You could list a product on an online marketplace like Etsy or Creative Market.

But then you’d be competing with everyone else on those sites... 

You’ll get charged a buttload of fees...

And you’ll have no control of the traffic coming and going from your shop! 🤷‍♀️

You could duck-tape a bunch of software together to your existing website…

But they are all going to have their own fees, their own dashboards, and their own processes to get basic steps covered… 

To do ONE simple job.🙄

Or, you COULD build your very first $1 passive product on ONE software in YOUR control that has the all-in-one marketing capability to build an entire digital product EMPIRE for years to come. 

No re-learning new software.

No more than ONE subscription for when you are able to afford it after you start earning money. 

ONE software that has everything you need for when YOU are ready to grow your new online business!

Build The Entire Funnel For FREE & Make Money FIRST!

By starting with this FREE software, you could start making money before you start paying any monthly fees.💫💸

YOU could be in control of you own shop, listings, pay gate, pages, and products, all in ONE place with ONE robust software. 

And you could grow this product eco-system all as big as you like for years to come without worrying about dozens of various software subscriptions changing their dashboards, rules, and millions of fees!

Investing in SIMPLICITY and the growth of your future empire is the key to ease, success, and saving time spent online!🗝️


The Earn Your First $1 Online 7-Day Workshop!

A beginner-friendly 7-Day training with a LIFELONG payoff:

Once you learn how to make your first $1 online, you’ll know the exact same steps to earn thousands of dollars or more online!🪄💫💸

The set-up to create a basic product funnel is exactly the same, no matter what products you sell.

So if you’ve ever dreamed of quitting your job and making a living online…

...or of finally getting away from trading your TIME for money doing online services…

THIS workshop will introduce you to the best all-in-one software to use and it will walk you through the basic step-by-steps of how to use it so that you can kick-start your DREAM of having an entire online empire that could change your whole life!


It’s not about the dollar you’ll gain, it’s about the SKILLS! 🪄💫

The method I’ll teach you in the training is NOT a quick money-making hack… 

It’s not about learning a trendy method of selling that’ll work for a little while - until there’s an algorithm change or billionaire CEO takeover.

It doesn’t make your ability to earn money dependent on any other person or their business.  

It puts YOU in control of an entire eco-system of your own products on your own custom domain that you can replicate and grow for as many products as your imagination allows, for as much money as you dream of earning!

You will learn an empire-building  FOUNDATION.

And you will NOT need to do ANY of the following to get started:

❌ Set goals  

❌ Get brand clarity

❌ Choose a niche! 🙄

❌ Work on your ‘mindset’ Profit planning

❌ Subscribe to any monthly software

We get STRAIGHT into making a thing for you to get out into the world in just 7 days so you can start making money RIGHT AWAY.

You don’t need: 

❌ A website

❌ A big premium offer like a ‘’signature course’’ or coaching program

❌ An email list

❌ Social media followers

❌ Years of business, marketing, or software skills

Best of all? 

Because we’re only aiming to make a VERY HUMBLE $1 and I’m giving you the idea of EXACTLY WHAT to sell, any fear or self-doubt over making money online is gonna melt away! 🖤

We’re setting the bar SO LOW you’ll have ZERO EXCUSES not to make this happen! 

And all in just 7-days! 

Here’s What’s Inside The Training: 

  • A ready–made digital product template that I’ll show you how to beautifully customize to suit your business so that you’ll have your own shiny-new digital product ready-to-sell by day 2! HOW EXCITING! 🤩

  • 7 x beginner-friendly, easy-to-follow 20-minute training videos where I’ll walk you through how to set up the entire sales system from start to finish.

    You’ll get to know a totally new, totally FREE all-in-one, simple-to-use, VERY intuitive software that you’re going to LOVE!😍

  • A noob-proof, step-by-step to-do list under each training video so you know exactly what to get started on after you finish watching the training videos. 

    Each list should not take you more than an hour max to complete - even if you are a distracted learner or you just hate techy instructions (like me!)!

  • My pdf printable checklist '56 Ideas For Promoting Digital Products Online' to help you get started selling your shiny new digital product. 

    I’ll shower you with ideas from beginner to advanced ways to market it in this pdf!

    Places to park it, places to put it into an automated campaign, and ways to parade it all over the internet so you can sell the shiz out of it! 

    The more you can check off and repeat from this list, the more you’re likely to sell your new digital product.

    Since it’s only $1, you should have zero qualms about telling everyone you know that you’re selling it! 

    And believe me - though it’s ONLY one dollar, you are going to feel like a MILLION when you make your first sale! 💃🕺✨🍾🥂🎉


Here’s How The Training Works!

All the training happens online in a private membership portal. 

Each training is pre-recorded - there are no LIVE trainings or time restrictions. They vary between 7 to 29 minutes max. 

You can go as fast or as slow as you like! 

You can take 7 days to complete the training or you can take 7 decades if you like (and earn your first $1 on your death bed, lol! AS IF the internet will still be around by then, HA!) ☠️

DAY 1: We’re going to start with the FUN STUFF FIRST!

We’re going to make your $1 product.

BOOM!  There it is! 💥👏

Zero stress over coming up with an idea! 

DAY 2: Introduction  to the FREE software 

(and you’re going to lose your mind when you see how much DREAM-building potential it has!) 🤯

DAY 3: Overview of the 4-Part Sales Funnel

You’ll get a birds-eye view of the simple 4-part system you’ll need to build to sell your product.

These will be the SAME parts you can replicate for future, bigger products!!

DAY 4: We Build The Landing Page

Zero tech or design skills required!

And you can spend as much or as little time as you please customizing it to suit your brand. 

This part is creative and FUN and I’ll provide side-quest tutorials for ya so you can go deeper with the learning what the software can do!

DAY 5: We Build The Product Funnel

We buy and set up your own CUSTOM DOMAIN for your funnel and this brilliant software does most of the DNS record set up for you! 

Then we create the product and pop it into a product funnel!🪄🌪️

DAY 6: We Build The Check-Out Page

Cha-ching! You’ll need a PayPal or Stripe account so you can safely take money from customers around the world. 💫💸

This part takes so little time, you’ll have plenty of time left over to keep beautifying your landing pages when you are done if you like!

DAY 7: We Build The Delivery System

We’re going to TEST that sucker to make sure there are no annoying tech or delivery issues!

We’ll then end the training by covering the pdf-check-listed ways that you can kick start your first sale!

Get Help Right Away If You Get STUCK!

  • If you have any questions along the way you can email me for help and support at any time.

    I’ll check and answer any questions you have on most workdays (Monday-Fridays) to help you keep moving through the training with confidence. 

    I’ve got your back, cygnet! 🪄🐣💫🦢

    Lastly, once you gain access to the trainings, you’ll have access to them for LIFE.  

    And because the training is currently in its first BETA round, you will receive all future expansions and additional resources at NO extra cost!

    Even after the price goes up!

The Earn Your First $1 Online 7-Day Workshop


Whether you’re just starting a new business online or you’re just TIRED of trading your limited time for money, join the workshop to get your first complete digital product sales funnel up and running - in just 7 days!


About Your Instructor, Christine Rice

Christine Rice is the founder of HEXOTICA, an online education company on a mission to transform creative and unconventional creatives struggling with ‘ugly duckling’ impostor syndrome into badass, high-earning online entrepreneurs and world-traveling digital nomads. 🪄🦢

As a social media manager working with clients across various industries who have high-converting sales funnels, she has both the front-end experience directly managing social media sales funnels and the insight into behind-the-scenes software, mechanics, and psychology of how they turn scrollers into buyers. 

She has a life-long love for writing which morphed into an obsession for direct response copywriting, the sorcery behind online selling.🪄✍️

Before she became the marketing-for-breakfast fanatic she is today, she was an e-commerce solopreneur selling handmade gothic and burlesque accessories for nearly a decade.

And although her childhood dream of becoming a writer first led her to earn a BA in English Literature long before becoming the affiliate blogger and copywriter she is today, her family still regards her degree as a waste of money and are waiting for when she will get a real job! 🤣

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Will it be worth it?

If saving a ton of time reading all the books, taking all the courses, and figuring out all the things by yourself is important to you, than yes, this workshop will be worth it!

Think of the cost as an investment in yourself and in your business: this workshop has the potential to 'pay itself off'' very quickly if you follow every step and get your passive product selling right away!💫

I'm not tech-savvy - will it be hard?

Not at all! Whether you are an advanced marketer or a total noob, all of the tutorial videos in this workshop are designed to be beginner friendly and easy to understand and follow.

And if there’s anything you’re not 100% clear about, you can get all the help and support you need to get total clarity - I am a 'there are NO 'stupid' questions' kind of person!💫

Is this for me if I don't have an online business?

Yes! In fact, it's best suited for beginners because the recommended software is an all-in-one platform: you can go on to build your first website, first blog, first digital course membership, email, webinar, affiliate program, and more all on this same amazing software! This workshop is an ideal way to kickstart a long-term online business empire!💫

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is just a fancy name for the pathway that a potential customer takes from the time they come across your brand online to after they buy something from you.

It can be a very simple path with only a few steps involving a social media profile and email or it can be a very complicated process involving lots of software connections and many steps. 

We use the term to describe the journey someone takes in an online business.  💫

Do I have to use the same software you use?

Yes, because all of the technical videos in this workshop are 100% focused on the software that I recommend and therefore the workshop will not be helpful to you if you choose a platform that's not within my expertise. 

HOWEVA, for the purpose of this workshop the software is 100% FREE and because we're setting up your own custom domain, you could continue on to use this FREE software to replace a website subscription, say with Wix, ShowIt or Squarespace! #WORTHIT!💫 

Is there a money-back guarantee? 

Yes, you can get a full refund 3 days from the date of purchase if you decide the workshop is not right for you. 

I will however, grill you on why you want a refund as it is meant to be a beginner friendly training and I'd like to try to first help you get over any sticky spots to help you complete the workshop before I refund you. I'd love to hear your honest feedback!

And because we all know there are some nasty freeloader types that exist in the world so I don't make it too easy for them!💫


     If this training doesn't light your fire, just let me know within 3 days of purchase and I'll refund you in full! SOME questions will be asked so I can help and support you as much as possible FIRST before I let you give up! 😉